After A Dog Bite What To Do

After a Dog Bite: What to Do

dogMillions of people in Nashville have dogs as pets, and while most of them never cause a problem, occasionally a dog may bite and injure a person. While most dog bite injuries are minor, sometimes they can be serious or even fatal, especially if the victim is a young child or elderly person. There are many circumstances that may lead to a dog bite incident, including animal abuse or neglect, teasing or hitting an animal, sick or scared animals, leaving children alone with animals, approaching an unfamiliar animal, and many more.

Dog bites can be scary and quite traumatic. Many of us don’t know exactly what to do in the aftermath of this type of incident. However, if you want to give yourself the best chance possible at recovery, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Get photos

Most of us have our smartphones on us at all times. Use this tool to take lots of photos of the entire incident. This includes you, your injuries, the dog(s) in question, the location, the dog(s) owners/handlers if applicable, and other details. These images will help you if you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit.

  1. Seek medical care

Even if your injuries don’t seem severe at first glance, it’s important that you get checked out by a medical professional. This establishes care and provides medical evidence for potential legal purposes, and gives you valuable peace of mind too.

  1. Obtain contact info

If another person or people were involved in the dog bite incident, do your best to get their names and contact information. These people could be your own companions, witnesses on the street, the dog’s owners, and anyone else who saw what happened or was responsible for the animals.

  1. Get an attorney

There aren’t that many Nashville attorneys that specialize in dog bite injuries, but you may want to find one and reach out. It never hurts to get information and see if you have a case, to get you the justice and compensation that you deserve. Your recovery can be so much smoother with the right legal advocate on your side.

Want to learn more about dog bite injuries, or want to speak with an attorney about your case? Reach out to us at the law firm of Lackey & Lackey today, and ask for your free consultation.