Estate Planning

Do you have all of your affairs in order? Do you know which of your heirs will inherit your estate? Do your loved ones know what to expect from the probate process after you pass away? At Lackey McDonald, our team of compassionate and dedicated estate planning lawyers is here to help you find the right answers to these questions and make sure you have the estate planning tools you need to protect your wealth and legacy.

While it can be difficult to think about what will happen to your family when you are no longer around, having a skilled lawyer on your side can help you get your financial and health affairs in order. We can file and execute all of the important legal documents that outline the future you want for those who are most important to you.

Estate Planning Services We Offer


If your goal is to make sure your estate is prepared for your loved ones after you are gone, then you need to get in touch with our legal team at Lackey McDonald, so we can begin drafting a will. Many people put off getting a solid plan in place, but why wait? Let us do the work for you and give you the peace of mind that the ones you love will be taken care of after you are gone.

Power Of Attorney

At the law office of Lackey | McDonald, PLLC in Nashville, our experienced legal professionals know the importance of having the right power of attorney contracts in place when it comes to your financial and medical affairs. Having a power of attorney can be helpful if you need to appoint someone trustworthy to make legal decisions should you become incapacitated mentally or physically. It can also be helpful if you need someone to submit and handle paperwork on your behalf if you are out of the country.

Trust Adminitstration

Another valuable addition to your estate planning is going to be setting up a trust. You can use these in place of wills or with them. The big difference between trusts and wills is that trusts are usually managed by a “trustee,” who is a third party that will oversee the distribution of your assets.

Depending on your lifestyle you can create two kinds of trusts. A testamentary trust, which goes into effect after your death, or a living trust, which goes into effect while you are still alive. If you don’t know which trust may be best for you, reach out to a trust attorney at Lackey McDonald, we are here to help you discuss all your options with confidentiality and care.


The judicial process in which your will is accepted as a legal public document is called “probate.” It is when personal holdings, assets, debts, and possessions are accounted for, settled, and distributed in a court-supervised setting. If the circumstance arises and you pass without any estate planning in place, your case with go through probate and your assets fall to the default laws of your state.