Entertainment & 
Digital Media

The Entertainment and Digital Media Section of the Firm offers legal counseling, advice and guidance in all areas entertainment and intellectual property in the burgeoning digital media landscape. Brenner Lackey McDonald, the leader of this Section and a founding partner of the Firm has deep roots in the entertainment industry and particularly the music industry having first served as an Artist Manager to award winning artists and songwriters for decades prior to starting her legal practice in the entertainment arena.

The Entertainment and Digital Media Section represents numerous creative companies and and creative individuals and their associated intellectual property assets. Our firm’s practical hands-on industry experience provides a unique set of tools to each client it represents. The current client base includes musical artists, songwriters, professional athletes, authors, comedians, podcasters. social media influencers, management companies, record labels, publishers, rights management organizations and digital marketing companies just to give a snapshot. The Entertainment and Digital Media Section can meet clients’ needs in relation to the following:


  • Corporate Formation including talent loan out entities, Operating Agreements, Member Compensation and Executive Employment Agreements

  • Employment and Labor Law concerns/issues

  • Intellectual Property Licensing and Protection Agreements

  • U.S. Copyrights "Works for Hire" and other protective copyright agreements

  • Trademark licensing and protection agreements

  • Name, Image and Likeness (“NIL”) licensing and protection agreements for athletes, artists, comedians, authors, podcasters, influencers and other high profile individuals 

  • Recording and Publishing Agreements

  • Record Producer Agreements and Sound Exchange Letters of Direction

  • Management Agreements

  • Intellectual Property Sales and Purchasing Agreements to include master recordings (comedy and music) and song catalogues as well as television and film assets

  • Television and Film Talent, Director, Producer, Production Company, Investor and Location Agreements  

  • Website formation and use agreements, Terms of Use and Privacy Policies

  • Live Touring and Performance agreements to include talent agreements and promoter agreements

  • Merchandising Agreements

  • Manager and Management Agreements

  • Endorsement and Sponsorship Agreements 

  • Influencer Agreements

  • Podcasting and Radio Talent Agreements

  • Digital Platform Provider Agreements

  • Estate Planning for clients’ intellectual property assets

  • Distribution Agreements in relation to musical, spoken word, literary, film or television assets

  • Intellectual Property Litigation including contractual disputes, copyright and trademark infringement, NIL misuses and other entertainment related matters of contention 


The Firm’s primary goals are: (1) to ensure our clients’ and their respective intellectual properties and companies are fully protected; and (2) to equip our clients with the legal knowledge and practical guidance relevant in their individual endeavors to monetize their creative ideas and assets.